Gas line connected to TPR valve?

This I have not seen before.
The gas line from the wall to the TPR valve then to the gas burner at the bottom of the water heater.
There is no drain pipe routing any water from the TPR valve in case of emergency.
Going to go thru the code book for ****s and giggles.
Just wondering if anyone else has come across this strange setup.
5501 jacinto ave 35.jpg
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That’s a Watts 210-5 gas shutoff valve or similar.

I would write it up. Nice gadget, but no way to test it. It could be defective and no one will know until the water heater goes into orbit.

So do you test the TPR?:stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the link michael.
The application makes sense just haven’t seen it before.
Used to the old fashioned setup with a discharge pipe routed away from water heater.
thanks for the input:)

so nobody gets the wrong idea, i think the one Jeff pictured is an incomplete/improper install

watts “A pressure relief valve must be installed as shown to prevent excess pressure by thermal expansion. There must be no valve between the relief valve and heater. Relief valve must be piped to a suitable drain.”

the instructions are on the link Mike provided

If you are right I hope I never see one and I hope the have a real TPR along side of it.

Nope…but the homeowner can…and I can see it drip and I can see where it has discharged…

The pressure relief valve is usually installed on the water line at the front hose bib. I see them all the time with interior water heaters. I actually prefer the Watts-210 over the traditional TRP valve set up. It actually shuts down the water heater not just letting it blow off steam!