TPR valve from the emergency forum

Hi again gentlemen, here is my thought, Mike made a valid point with his link to an approved pvc drain line. If it was me, I would check the line, chances are that if the pvc line is threaded on one end it is an approved line. If it has a threaded adaptor attached chances are it is not approved. Again, local code will always prevail, and if you don’t live there you won’t know.

The only PVC TPR lines I have seen are the preformed ones that meet the standard for discharge piping.

Regular PVC is not allowed anywhere as far as I know.

They are less than $10 so you can see why they get used. One threaded connection and done.

As I said, thanks for the link, now I have to see if they can be used here in Mt. of course our codes are far and few between.

It might just be easiest to call your local AHJ

I suspect the manufactured pvc units are approved due to them being manufactured with brass fittings and not pvc fittings which will fail under pressure (pun intended).

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