TPV x 2

(Marc A. Goldenberg, Inspector Lic # HI1365 Mold Assessor Lic #1) #1

40 gal electric water heater.
1 no drain line, 1 would discharge level with your head… well they both would.
But 2 on 1 heater?



(Brian E. Kelly, AZ Cert. # 60234) #2

Wow a first for me.

(Kenneth Jones) #3

I had a good one Saturday. All the way into the attic and down the outside wall.


(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #4

Dip tube should be located lower into the tank, discharge tube missing on the other one.

(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #5

TPR valve should not discharge upward.

(Kevin Majeski, NH #286) #6

I believe this is the right way to do it so it doesn’t spray in your face?!?!?!?! Just got back from this inspection luckily the property was winterized.

Better to have 2 than one like this!

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #7


(Mark A. Timpani, CMI) #8

Kevin, be careful some don’t get sarcasm.

(Michael Bitterman, CMI HI7792) #9

How about this in a home that was occupied…-X

(Kenneth Jones) #10

But it kept leaking.

(Marc A. Goldenberg, Inspector Lic # HI1365 Mold Assessor Lic #1) #11

TOTALLY brainless.

(Michael Bitterman, CMI HI7792) #12

Nobody said it was professional repaired!

(Kyle J. Brose) #13

Nice plug there Kevin.