TPV x 2

40 gal electric water heater.
1 no drain line, 1 would discharge level with your head… well they both would.
But 2 on 1 heater?



Wow a first for me.

I had a good one Saturday. All the way into the attic and down the outside wall.


Dip tube should be located lower into the tank, discharge tube missing on the other one.

TPR valve should not discharge upward.

I believe this is the right way to do it so it doesn’t spray in your face?!?!?!?! Just got back from this inspection luckily the property was winterized.

Better to have 2 than one like this!


Kevin, be careful some don’t get sarcasm.

How about this in a home that was occupied…-X

But it kept leaking.

TOTALLY brainless.

Nobody said it was professional repaired!

Nice plug there Kevin.