Tracking a roof leak?

Is it possible to track a leak in a slate roof to find its source with a IR camera? I have a roof that I have been trying to trace a leak in for the entire summer and have not been able to find its source. The home is about 150 yrs old and there is no evidence to be seen from the attic. Even when it is raining I can not find the source. I have also had the roof gone over by a slate roof company and they came up empty also.

No guarantees but one will never know unless they try I personally like the challenges in the hard ones

Yes, and where might you be?


This is a very challenging one and one of the reasons that moisture leak detection via IR is usually recommended primarily for flat / low sloped roofs.

Where you detect moisture with the camera can often be a long way away from where the leak actually is with a sloped roof.

As Charley stated, if you like the challenge, it is super rewarding when you find it…especially when others have not been able to. It also will yield good solid referral business.


I am located in Burlington Vt area. The owner is an 80 yr old woman and really does not have a lot of resources. I need to resolve this issue soon. I will need to locate a well qualified IR inspector In my area to help out.

I would put my money on Pete Russell in NH well qualified in those little Yankee States that have no more distance across than one can throw a rock across;-);-):smiley:

2nd that

My thoughts as well.

Dennis Goudreau is another good source if Pete can’t get to it

Mark, give me a call, I can help you out. 603-740-4062

Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it!!