Flat roof leak

While running some errands and taking IR pictures throughout the city, I saw a couple roofers on a flat roof looking pretty frustrated. They worked for a large roofing company so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door with them.

Although it was raining and I could not tell anything from the top side, once we went underneath I was able to locate two leaks. They were highly impressed with IR technology…saved them quite a bit of time.

We traded business cards and they said they would tell their boss how helpful I was as well as the benefits of using IR, especially with flat roofs.

The metal decking, water lines, I-beams, etc. was challenging but after switching to various color modes it made it easier locate the leaks.


If I can figure out how to do the thumbnail attachment pictures (hint), I will post the pictures.

go to “go advanced”. Click on the paperclip and upload

Looking forward to your pics…:smiley:

Let me see if I can get this right…

Underside of roof,

This leak was in a seam where flat roof changes elevation, there was so much metal that I had a hard time locating this leak.




Here are some pictures I recently took…you can probably tell what it is…