Trane furnace age help

Need some help dating this one.

Trane gas furnace, serial # 2104H367G, model # TUX120R960V2

My best guess is 2004, as it is a high efficiency model…any help appreciated!

Did you take a picture of the plate. With Trane it is written on the plate just under the serial number.


Here is a link to Building Intelligence Center:

In this case it will not help you as the trane code for serial number is hard to figure out and not listed.

Call Trane and they’ll tell you.

Thanks Greg, I tried Building Intelligence already, thus my visit here to the forum. Pic attached

What year is the home you inspected? If it’s an older home you will need to call trane.
(800) 945-5884
8:00 am - 6:00 pm Central time.
My guess is earlier then 2004. Trane used to have it embedded in the serial number but in '98 to 2001 they didn’t put the date on the plate making it hard to read.
If you figure out how to read it come back and let the Nachi world know.

Called Trane and sat on hold for 20 minutes. Joy…

They were unable to find the serial number in their system, but were able to tell me it was manufactured March 4th, 2002. I asked if there was a trick to deciphering the serial or model number to figure out the age and they said with this particular make / model it is not possible.

Moral of the story, call Trane!

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Glad you got it figured out.

I came across something similar not long ago…if you go to Building Intelligence Center and look at American Standard you get the image below. That matches up with what they told you…2002…10th week