Trane Heat Pump Age ?

Trane S/N 3353RNF4F

My notes say 2003.


Thanks - that will let me finish my report. But I would also appreciate the note details of how it is determined. None of the sheets I have did.

TRANEUses alpha codes in their serial numbers to determine year of manufacture. They started this in 1987 with the letter B and skipped a couple of letters during the years… The first letter of the serial number gives the year of manufacture as follows:

O, A=80(seventh digit) U=82(seventh digit) X=84 S=86 C=88 E=90 G=92 J=94 L=96 N=1998 R=2000

T=81(seventh digit) W=83 Y=85 B=87 D=89 F=91 H=93 K=95 M=97 P=1999 Z=2001

In 2002 they started their serial numbers with the year it was built. In 2002 the first character of the serial number is 2, in 2003, 3 and so on.

Most Tranes that I see have the date stamped in the upper right corner of the plate.