How Old???

How old is this Trane Furnace: Serial #2F-13497 Model GUADA 12-B

TRANE uses alpha codes in their serial numbers to determine year of manufacture. They started this in 1987 with the letter B and skipped a couple of letters during the years but here we go…

1987-B 1988-C 1989-D 1990-E 1991-F 1992-G
1993-H 1994-I 1995-J 1996-K 1997-L 1998-M
1999-P 2000-R 2001-S

In 2002 they started their serial numbers with the year it was built. In 2002 the first character of the serial number is 2, in 2003, 3 and so on.

1991–does the unit look about 15 years old??
I know–it’s hard to tell…

But if it’s newer it would be a 2002…

Jae, i’ll say it for you.:wink: