Trap In Crawl

Hey guys is this proper in the crawl space, this particular trap? you can defiantly see its clogged and overflowing.

This pic is under the shower in the crawl

15063 SE Sieben Portland 072_1_6_1.jpg

Looks OK to me.
It is pretty common for shower drains to leak. I guess it is due to the flexing of the shower when people stand there.

Even with that kind of trap??

I don’t think it matters that the trap goes ‘backwards’ (if that is what you think the issue might be). The main thing to look for is the depth, which appears to be less than the 4 inch maximum.

Hey Troy,

What is that trap to? Is it a shower, floor drain, or commode?

Jack it is to the shower

Don’t normally see a 3" trap for shower in ABS. The leak should not be there (plastic usually flexes enough to cover shower base). There direction of the trap is not important, but the leak is.

The leak appears to have been from some past issues no leakage present at time of inspection. For some reason I just had a brain fart and it didn’t look right.

Maybe you were thinking, It has no means of clean-out, and could very well be clogged with gunk. Easy fix for an agile apprentice plumber. :smiley:

OK, it doesn’t NEED a cleanout, but does it have a vent? Here are a couple of technical illustrations.

Vented yes thanks for the help