Shower drain question

Is this shower drain section legit or should the wye tee lay flat and the p trap drop below the main drain level.

The straight pipe after p trap is double the diameter in length as the 2” used and just under level= has some drop.

there’s no issue with that, as long as it will still be in the dirt, and not in a shallow layer of concrete

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Your questions reveal that you clearly don’t understand what you’re looking at. Ensure this remodel gets inspected by the local authority and not a home inspector.


Clearly you can’t answer.

As a Non-Member Guest, especially, it was good that you deleted that post.

And, Martin did answer, IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Y’all sure are cocky with zero answers. I know what I’m looking at, I built it along with many.

I worded it like I did to see if anyone labels it a certain way. I know what I’m asking and gave details because of pic angle.

Martin is smarter than the average bear.

And this is not a DIY forum.

Good luck.


I bet having to deal with you is impossible. It’s not a diy question. All you had to do is not answer if you don’t know.

Then you should be just fine with the AHJ.


I do know the answer. After looking at your last photograph the shower drain is the least of your problems. Again this is what leads me to believe you don’t understand what you’re looking at. This is when it’s OK to defer the inspection to a qualified city inspector. This installation clearly demonstrates this work has not been performed by a qualified licensed plumbing contractor.

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So was this all a pop-quiz or an actual question?


I feel like if you are doing anything but taking a leak in that toilet, you’re going to be spending a lot of time plunging.


Your answer is here. You’re going to have to do a little bit of work I’m not going to give you the answer.

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Why? It’s 3”

You know, but won’t tell? Ok…

Typical, pass the buck when you can’t answer anything in the first place, or you don’t know.

Now, THAT will help you. :roll_eyes:

Maybe it’s the angle of the pic. Looks like many sharp corners, especially the first one.