Trap on ejector pump vent?

Is there any reason that someone would put a trap on the vent line of a sewage ejector pump?

I am not sure what else it could be other than a possible overflow to the exterior. As I’m writing this I’m am leaning more toward an overflow.

The tank was above ground in the crawlspace.






Here is some information regarding the installation, maintenance, etc. of these systems.

Something dosen’t look right.
Check here.
That vent should go to the atmosphere in a vertical position.

Ejector pumps are covered under the IRC section P3007, but dose not say to much about the vent.

Hope this helps a little and some plumbers might chime in. to help more.

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Ralph does the trap leed to the leach field?
Vent should go outside and not be trapped.
Good info in the above link.

It terminated just outside the crawlspace (you can barely see the end of the pipe in the picture). I have seen a fair amount of these systems and have not seen something like this before. Most are not even vented - just loose tops. I just wanted to make sure there was something that I was not aware of. Who knows what someone was thinking, but I don’t think it is right.

Thanks for the replies.


Sorry, I’m a firm believer in not living that close to my sh!t-box. That’s just too close for comfort. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree on it possibly being an overflow (a bad overflow). I would think it should have been vented on the top of the wye where the threaded cap is. It can’t be a vent if there is a trap that holds sh!t, and blocks the venting process. At least when it overflows they will have a great looking garden, unless Jethro put a cap on that too. :slight_smile: