sewer ejector pump or sump pump

Does this appear to be a sewer ejector pump or a sump? It did not smell like sewer although it did smell musty.

wayne-rd 069.jpg

If that is a sealed cover I would guess ejector.

Was there a downstairs bathroom?

Did you lift the cover if not sealed? an ejector grinds.

Looks like a bathroom doorway on the left to me.

I think ejector. No way for surface water to enter sump (if it was).

Yes it’s a sewage sump. One line is the vent, the other the waste output. If possible follow the waste line to confirm how it dumps into the main line. Connection must be on the top of the waste line through a wye.

There also should be a backwater valve in the discharge line (the white piece), after the backwater valve there should be a gate valve as well.