Treated Plywood ?

I am located in the South Carolina.

Does anyone know what the thinest treated plywood is (i.e., 1/4", 1/2", etc.) that can be obtained at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.?



We can buy door skins here in Canada and they are mahogany three ply about 5/32 just a little over 1/8 I believe .
Do a good job of repairing a door and a lot less money.Roy Cooke

Sorry Missed the treated word

Hi Tommy,

The thinest incised PT plywood you will find is 1/2 inch. That is the kind that is chemically treated. However, you can find “marine” plywood as thin as 1/4 inch. Marine plywood looks a little differant, as is more expensive, and is used in differant applications. Hope this helps.

P.S.- The box stores are less likely to carry marine plywood. If you need it that thin you can go to a lumber yard and they will have it.

I swear I’ve only seen 3/4" treated (Marine) plywood at Lowes, but it may depend on the location too

I sold many, many a units of 1/2(7/16) inch when I was in the lumber business in Oregon. More common at a lumber yard.:blank: