TREC approves InterNACHI member/CMI Head John McKenna as a Texas Instructor.

I am pleased to announce that InterNACHI member and Master Inspector Certification Board (CMI) President John McKenna has been approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission as a home inspector instructor (MCE Instructor number is TREC #881050528)

Congrats John!

You bet and a great guy and I am sure he will do a fine Job .

… Cookie

Congrats John !!!

Excellent! Several of us are now TREC approved instructors…now we just need to get some courses to teach. :smiley:

Thanks… :slight_smile: I will promote InterNACHI at all classes.

How about cat herdin’ and goat rodeoin’. :smiley:

Hey John, Congratulations!!

Congratulations John.

**Congratulations John!:smiley: **


Good on ya, John!

Kewl! You may be on to something! :mrgreen: If you’ll put that course outline together I’ll submit it. TREC is making good on their promise to be liberal and approve wide ranging CE courses for HI’s. They approved the Commercial Course for CE credit even when that subject matter doesn’t fall under their jurisdiction.