Trial Subscription

Does anyone know if HomeGuage offers a free trial subscription. Currently looking to switch from TapInspect and considering HIP or HomeGuage.

Google is your friend.

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Thank you. I saw the $7 offer. I was wondering if there was a free trial as I am comparing the two

I found this on the forum. I do not know if it is in effect.

I would certainly reach out to HG directly for verification.

Welcome back to our forum, Ronald!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hello Ronald,
If you are considering HomeGauge, maybe we should connect. I’m in the process of closing my HI business due to retirement. I’ve owned a license of HG for close to 4 years. I haven’t vetted out the mechanics of selling/transferring the license. Loved the software. Really liked the 360 photo feature (externally it was a tool to help purchasers “see” back in the home, internally it was a great CYA) as I 360 photo’d every room. I did gather a lot of information of how to use HomeGauge by going to one of the classes (both from the HomeGauge team and from other users at the event).


I will soon be at the end of my trial period with Home Gauge and plan to go live Apr.1st. Apparently the price is increasing quite a bit from what I was planning on paying when I started with them in Jan.
I like the program, although still have work to do now to see what has changed or "improved.

Any tribal knowledge you have would be greatly appreciated.