Looking for new software

I am currently a BestInspectors.net software user, however, I am looking for something that is more contemporary and allows more features. I am leaning towards HomeGauge thus far. Does anyone have any specific input concerning their current experiences with HG? Any issues with HG? Looking for brutally honest feedback. Thanks 1,000,000

Been using HG from day one. It’s the best and have no intention to use anything else.

I love it.

I highly recommend HG and HG eServices.

Home Gauge is used by over 75% of the home inspectors in the world.
Home Gauge was developed by a home inspector for home inspectors to excel in our calling to serve the public.

Edward, I can tell by our interactions in the past that you’re a perfect fit for HG. Honestly… you’ll love it.

I have best inspector and won a free 6 months to HG I love it. I will be getting full subscription when the time comes.

I have been very happy with home gauge and their services. They have a trial. Give it a try.

Hi Edward,
Feel free to download the trial version. Its a full version that prints a watermark until you decide to purchase. You can also go to Google Play and get the App HomeGauge Companion for a trial too. The ios version is set to be released soon but many are using it now (iTunes store).

We have 12 employees 7 phone lines and offer great support. Try it out too (828-254-2030).

We also have training on going in different parts of the states. Just coming back today from the WAHI (Wisconsin) show and Shancy is returning today from the KREIA (Kentucky) show where we both had training.

We offer a 3 day training this April as we launch our new training facility in Asheville, NC

You can also go to youtube and search HomeGauge “Workshop with Russell” parts 1-9

Thanks guys.

Are there facts to back up this statement?

lol Busted

Nothing against HG but have used HiPro for years and still like it.

There is a bit of a feature war going on at the moment so try both of them out and see what fits best for YOU.

The fact needs to suck up in order to have a cute little section where he can toot his own horn tells you it is inferior and needs extra marketing. The fact they have supposedly 20 programmers and still can not figure out Apple ios should tell us something.
Besides that the last InterNACHI poll shows 90% use Home Inspector Pro as the preferred software and clients prefer HIP as well as A much more attractive report.

Bob the only fact here is that you are working for HIP and you are bias and you spew propaganda and your facts are false. Agents love our report and we think its more attractive than any other system out there.

I don’t think the client cares what you use to create your report as long as they can easily read and understand it.

Now that’s a fact!

That being said, look at what the software has to offer to help you, the inspector, run your business, to save you time writing reports, to provide professional reports with flexible viewing options (not limited to pdf format), to set you apart from your competition, etc., etc. Truly compare the features and I’m sure HG will more than meet your needs/desires.

“Needs and Desires?”
This is getting a little too sick even for me.

Good, now git! You’re whining really makes you look small and unprofessional (just saying…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Bob you know you couldn’t sleep at night without your HIP.

I’m using HG. :wink: