Trying to understand

Please excuse my limited knowledge in electrical. I plan on asking lots of questions now that I have slowed down, in preperation of better understanding the electrical systems. One of my goals of the future is to ask less questions & answer more questions which would indicate I understand and finally get it!!

My first questions are when I am checking the wire size in a panel and there is 14 Gauge wire to a 20 amp breakers is this acceptable for circuits in the kitchen.

In reviewing the online course and it list maxium amperage for 14 gauge is 20 amp. This would be for the starting of a refrigerator compressor.

Also when reviewing the air conditioner and the max fuse rating on the data plate says 30 Amps sometimes the pull out fuses and breaker in the panel dont match. **Please explain to me so I can understand!

**Other questions would be on:

**FPE is it Hype or hazard. **I am starting to think that the FPE hazards has been blown out of porportion.

Aluminum solid wiring. I never seem to find any. It always seem to be copper clad or tin coated. **Is there a better way to identify aluminum solid wiring.

**Knob & tube. As I understand the issues are from illegal splices & insulation covering & worn insulation. **Anything else.
What types of references am I need of. **NEC handbook, Code check?

**Thanks for your help.

I appreciate all who answer & post on the board!!


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Lets give David credit. At least he is asking and trying to learn.

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What types of references am I need of. NEC handbook, Code check?

A great reference book which just happens to be published by Code Check is Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings by Hansen, Kardon & Casey.

You can call them at 650-493-5470
ISBN # 0X2HBE0101

By far the most helpful book I’ve read on inspecting electrical systems.