Tub faucet question

Found a strange setup today, at least I haven’t seen this before. Tub had a hot and cold handle but only the hot worked, or so I first thought. There appears to be a sort of mixing valve on the cold water side (see pix). With the cold water handle left open you can change the temperature of the water using only the hot water control. Is this a valve one would see if there were only one handle for the hot/cold? It worked after I got the hang of it but the buyer didn’t like the set up. Any Good reason why this was done?

I’ve had one like that a couple of years ago. Actually the way it worked (and I suspect yours as well) was that the handle on the left (on the tile side photo) controlled the volume and the one on the right controlled the temperature. Much like a single handle volume control with a temperature lever on that same knob, those are fairly common.

Left to right facing valves

Flow rate

Shower Diverter


So children do not get scalded taking a bath.

Thanks for the replys. That is how it worked. Turn on the hot (left) and then I controlled the temp with the cold(right). This is a fairly common practice?

It looks to be a retro fit or a repair to me…

Those old showers with the valve set up separately like that are a good way to scald someone.

Newer codes is some areas require a Mixing/Anti Scald Valve.

I do not see them that often and this thread was a good reminder to be on the look out for these in the future.

On a side note, mixing valves are considered by some a safer way to regulate water temp then adjusting the Water Heater temp.

No one’s getting scalded in this house. The temp at the kitchen sink was only 98 F. Is there any problems associated with hot water not being hot enough?

Legionaries Disease or other Cooties growing in the Water Heater.

When is water consider to be hot, 110 F?

Should be set so the temp is around 120-125 deg F coming out of the taps.

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