The boys are struttin their stuff, the girls are acting bored with it all. Couldn’t get my zoom to work but I got the group.

There will be lots of chicks this year, a lot of the turkeys survived the winter.

Quite a group. I’m jealous - I still have a foot of snow in my yard…

Maybe you can get them to join your new organization.
How’s that going, by the way?:p:p

They won’t join. Already have their own organization:

Haha, that’s good:p

Pretty good actually, got a plan, got a few guys interested.

When do you think you’ll reach your membership goal of 20,000?

I don’t think Dapkus Home Inspections grew to what it is now overnight.

I don’t think InterNACHI grew into what it is now overnight.

I don’t think that Paul is expecting this to grow overnight.

Why do you think that this will/should grow in such a rapid fashion?

I thought Paul is a “go getter”.

Go getter, not so much.

Always questioning and always looking to better myself and sometimes its 1 step forward and 2 steps back, sometimes things don’t work out at all.

Gotta try anyway.

Linas: This above all: to thine own self be true.

PL-good luck w/all ventures

we’ll have mallard puppies any day now last egg laid 03-05-15

along with ttosbt

this too shall pass

Spring where I live is lively and my favorite is the twin fawns that bounce around and play in my yard. Just like children with mom keeping a watchful eye just like all moms knowing how quickly their children can wander off and get into trouble.

BTW Paul - just to be accurate - a group of turkeys is called a “rafter” ( or maybe it is called an ASHI).

That would be a herd of donkeys.

You are right, my bad.

That news to me, both explanations;-)

These Rafters felt right at home at my inspection of late…:smiley:

Yep, that’s how they march at times. I have seen them go single file and its funny to watch. I also have them nest in the trees in my yard, I didn’t even know wild turkeys could fly until I walked into a bunch. Quite a sight to see them hit the trees. Big birds and lots of noise when they start vocalizing.