Two 200 main panels with 125 feed

I came across one today that is different, it is a 200 main panel in the garage with a standard breaker of 125 amp feeding what was a 200 amp main panel in the modular home. Seems the 200 amp service entrance was originally just serving the garage and then a home was added to the property that had a 200 amp main already. It appears all the wiring is correct neutral not bonded in home etc. and the home can not pull more than 125 as the breaker in the garage main panel would trip. It looks like the main breaker in the home panel is now just a service disconnect.

Any comments on this set up.

It’s fine to have the 200 amp CB being used as a disconnecting means because the 125 amp feeder is protected at the service.

Thank you Robert. It is what I was thinking it is safe just a bit odd.