Two for the price of one

What wording could I use to describe this anomaly? if any

Slab floor. Two story.
This is on the first floor.
The picture is the upper half of a hallway wall made of drywall. There is a smoke detector, actually in the picture, a thermostat, and two light switches. One of the light switches has an unknown purpose.

The other side of the wall is kitchen cabinets with one GFI.

The heat ducts are in the hallway ceiling.

I see no reason why this area should be given off this heat pattern.

Your thoughts?

#2) Living room ceiling:
I followed the heat run on the living room ceiling to the ceiling register. About 1ft away from the register I see this spot. (picture below)
I did the same on the floor above this area with no issue.
Could this be a bad connection at the elbow?

Your thoughts?

Jim, do you have a more distant shot of the first area. The “cooler” area may be where cabinet is

Second pic- may be heat lose from duct. Where in relation to the image is the register

More distant images could help for both

The above pic is of the hallway ceiling with the heat runs going horizontal. You can barely see the top of the wall in question.

The above pic also shows the top line/heat run going to the living room ceiling register.

“Where in relation to the image is the register”

2nd pic, top is coming from the heat run, turns right to the register.

No pics available, but from the second story floor it was clearly a rectangular metal duct.

I wouldn’t be saying anything about a 3 degree heat rise in an interior partition wall cavity adjacent the kitchen. Especially if the oven, dishwasher or refrigerator where anywhere nearby on the other side.

I also would not likely make any comment about a warm or cool spot in the ceiling / floor cavity between two conditioned spaces unless I saw definitive signs of duct leaking and condensation or conditioned air loss was an issue. It could easily just be conduction from the duct contacting the sheetrock. A significant leak is going to affect the temperature throughout the entire bay between the joists.

That makes since, also a good advertising video.