Two for Two

I finally got a chance to return to the property that I had incorrectly thought had two condenser units for one coil (two for one??? thread) and discovered that that indeed there were two evaporator coils. They were mounted in series/ in line with the furnace, larger one nearest the air handler and then the smaller one which I mistook for just part of the transition to the plenum for the ductwork. The second set of refrigererant lines are there I just didn’t see them the first time around. Lesson learned – I’ll be sure to investigate the situation more thoroughly in the future when things get confusing.

Thanks to all who contributed to my enlightenment with your comments.

Gary Loughman

I still wonder why there would be 4 tons of cooling in that 1150 SF house. I also can’t imagine how the compressor for the downstream coil would not get slugged with liquid, since it wouldn’t get sufficient load to boil off all the refrigerant. Did you see both systems operating?

Jim King

I just thought of a possible scenario: The original installation was the 2.5 ton unit, which proved to be too large for the application. The 1.5 ton unit was added to provide the proper amount of cooling most of the time. The 2.5 ton unit was left in place for those 115 degree, 90 % humidity days that come along once in awhile, and the controls were arranged to lock out the 1.5 ton unit when the big one was needed. What do you think?

Jim King

Our’s is not to question why, ours is to report the facts!

Someone else is required to explain why! Just call it as you see it.

There is an issue as to why you had to return.
If you see something that does not seem right, INVESTIGATE IT. You can trace the lines and see what is there. We can not help you without the proper information.

In all actuality, you are not REQUIRED to evaluate this stuff.
But, if you want to FIND OUT what’s up, we need more information.

You need to approach your HI the same way in every case. If things do not make sence, you need to stop and find out the facts. You can report facts without liability. If you report an opinion you may end up in court. If you recomend un-needed evaluation you may end up in court. If you report the facts and the clinet does not follow up, it’s in their court and they are at fault.

Very good advice