Two GFCI Receptacles on one circuit

I’m sure this has been answered here before, but I couldn’t find it by searching. Is there a problem with more than one GFCI receptacle on a circuit? Every once in a while I run across a situation where there is two GFCI receptacles on one circuit. Only one of them will trip. I don’t know it’s the most upstream or downstream one.

Its kinda like wearing 2 rubbers. You dont really need to, but it sure wont hurt anything.

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It will work but IMO it is very poor design due one or other can trip depending on it set up.

{ also if both GFCI are line feeded or line/load feeded set up it can change a bit }


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It’s like wearing a belt & suspenders. You don’t really need to, but is sure won’t hurt anything.

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On a recent inspection I did there were two GFCI’s on one circuit. They each were in the bathrooms and they also protected one of the receptacles in the garage. When I used my tester to trip the circuit from the garage, both GFCI’s tripped.


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When they are not wired to control downstream receptacles, only the one outlet will trip not shutting off any other receptacles.

Seen double GFCI’s several times, home owner didn’t like the idea of having to go to the powder room down stairs to reset every time his wife tripped it from the master bath with her hair dyrer, curling iron, and curlers. Could find nothing saying this is not proper.