Two NACHI members pass away.

Pete Gudek of Texas and Paul Burchardt of Illinois.

God Bless them.

So sad a day for there families .
My heart goes to them at this time of sorrow.
This is a reminder to us all to call your family regularly and tell them How great they are and how much you love them .

Nick, please send my sincere sympathies and condolence to the immediate Family if you can.

God Bless them.



Please pass on my condolences and prayers to the families as well as I am sure they will be sorely missed by them.

Does anyone know these gentlemen or what happened, is there anything we can & need to do beyond prayers and condolences? Sincerely, Ken

My heartfelt condolences and prayers to their families and friends.

Very sorry to hear this.

Ditto . . .