Pete Campbell had a stroke

God ! I hope he is doing well.
I like him alot.
Prayer got out to him.

Really sad news. Pete’s a good guy…we exchange messages and chat on a regular basis. It seemed strange that I hadn’t heard from him this past week. I’m hoping that he can turn things around and make a full recovery.

Me too.
From another board…


Get better soon Pete, my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family!

Prayers for our brethren NACHI member, Peter Campbell.

Best wishes to him and his family

Prayers for him and his family.

Prayers for Pete and his family.

Prayers to Pete.

Damm, Pete is a good guy. He came here once and picked him up at his Hotel, took him out to 1 of my sons Restaurants, got him a bit tipsy, full as you can get and talked for like 5 hours.

Good guy…

Best wishes and prayers to Pete


Warm prayers for Pete and family/friends.


Come on back you’re a good one. I know you got it in ya :slight_smile:

I’ve referred work to Pete. Great guy!
Very sorry to hear this.

Prayers to Pete for a speedy recovery.

Get well Pete , I wonder what was up , he likes posting redneck jokes on my face book . good guy

Prayers for a fast recovery Pete.

I read on another board that he is doing better.

Get better soon, Pete. The rest of you guys go get a calcium (plaque) score test. Takes 15 minutes and will save your life.

Great. I am so tired of people I like dyeing. :frowning:

I just got notified Pete is gone, he passed. Its on Facebook.