Two Residential Panels

Is it permissible to install two 100 A. residential panels in a residence and power them with #1/0 copper conductors (in conduit) from the 150 A. meter / main, by tying the 1/0 conductors to 100A breaker on the first panel and using an additional 100A breaker from panel #1, to supply power to the 2nd panel?

Yes. That is a 100A Service panel and a 100A distribution panel (sub-panel). The overall current draw of both panels is limited by the main breaker of the first panel at 100A.

I agree with Michael but IMO it’s a terrible design because you’re only have available a maximum of 100 amps even though you have a 150 amp service.

Would it be better to run 150 amp, 1/0 cu. from the service pole to a gutter and tap the 1/0 with #2 copper and drop into each panel? (see attached)

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