200 amp service question

I’m doing an inspection Sunday for a client who has a 200 amp service meter but has one 200 amp and one 100 amp panel in the basement. Is this allowed?

How is the 100 Amp panel fed?

I’ll have to wait until I get there. Another scud crud I’m sure…:shock:

Should be interesting. Come back and post your pics.

Sure. You can have 10 panels hung off one 200 amp service if you want to. People do this all the time to get more “spaces”. Matter of fact, a house I’m wiring right now I intend to hang a 200 and a 100 off a 200 amp meter can. My demand load is fine for a 200 amp service, but I need more spaces.

If you get there and something rubs you the wrong way about how they have both panels spliced into the 200 amp can (there are several compliant ways to do this, and many that aren’t), take pictures and post them for evaluation. This would be the main thing you’d need to concern yourself with when evaluating such a situation.

Yes it is allowed .
In a large home it can save multiple runs of wire to the other end of the home .


I PMed you a few days ago. did you get it?


I have come across several times a 100amp service coming from the street into a 200amp break and panel, I have found out that it is ok to do this in ontario but I still avdvise against this and note this in my report. check to verify if the service comes into the 200amp panel 1st and then runs to the 100amp, and does the 100amp panel have it’s own breaker in the panel or is there a breaker for this panel in the 200amp. Aso check to verify that you have the proper sized wires going into the panel. Check to see if you have just 1 or also a 2nd meter maybe hidden somewhere (indicates 2 separate services). I did perform an inspection on 1 place that did have a set up like this, turned out they were stealing hydro for a grow house, the 2nd panel by passed the meter.

sorry i ment to state coming into the main breaker not from the street

I’ll try agian

There is a limit to how many you can store on the site. Maybe your’s is full.

I humbly submit that you have no idea what you were looking at. The power companies work to a totally different set of rules. What might look like a “100 amp” drop by NEC style guidelines can do 200 amp. They use #2 aluminium for a 200 amp drop.

Thanks for the prompt feedback buys. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it gets full pretty regularly, and it pisses me off. I just let it run full for a few weeks till I get over myself.


also if your unsure, clearly state this on your report as well as recommend the electrical be further investigated