Two TPR valves?

There is one TPR on the normal side location on the tank. Then on the hot side there is a TPR valve in the attic plumbed to the exterior of the strucutre. I have never seen this before. So its acting like a expansion tank. Is this permitted?

Do you actually mean a “pressure valve” in the attic, or a TPR valve. Got pic’s?

It was a actual TPR valve.

Makes no sense without pics.

If there is a TPR in the attic both will see the same pressure in the system.

It is only a matter of tolerances from spec. which one will go first.

The temp probe of the one in the attic is useless unless you expect it to open if the temp in the attic goes above 150 F. :roll:

The TPR valve is right by the vent pipe difficult to see in picture.

Unorthodox. Refer it.

What is leaking,the flue pipe flashing or the TPR valve?

TPR valve is supposed to be in the upper 6 inches of the water in inside the tank. Looking at all the copper couplings and the quality of those sweated joints, this looks like a DIY job.