TX SOP changes

As some of you may be aware, the TX SOP is up for a complete overhaul. There have been some emails flying around the past few days. I wanted to post the info here so everyone could be informed about the proposed changes.

The draft of the SOP is just that, a draft. You will notice that it is very limited in the verbiage for the “how to” inspect each component. It is my understanding that there will be an official commentary that will accompany the SOP that will outline all of the “how to”.

I have also attached the emails I have been receiving regarding this debate.

tarei draft.pdf (27 KB)

01TAREI Position Statement.txt (1.46 KB)

02URGENT TAREI position rebuttal.txt (4.6 KB)

03Draft SoP.txt (590 Bytes)

04Urgent Standards of Practice.txt (4.92 KB)

Thanks Patrick

Thanks for the inputs. I would hope the local, DFW NACHI chapter, would be informed and able to present an update at the upcoming Februray meeting. Mr Cahill spoke in the fall to a monthly meeting, but at that time they were in the early stages of committee meetings. Mr Cahill is a straight shooter and very interesting to discuss industry issues with him in a presentation or private conversation.

I will probably be disappointed in the coverage and info provided by our local DFW NACHI chapter. There have been organizational problems and no leadership.

Please forward or post any further communications you receive regarding the SOP changes.

Are you in a position to volunteer to help with the problems? Go for it if you are.

I live and work in Austin and try to make the Inspector Committee meetings when I can and I do post my meeting minutes here from time to time. For instance: http://www.capcityinspections.com/TREC_110705.pdf , my notes are in blue.

Received this email today from Andrea at TAREI:

"Dear TAREI Member,

Attached you will find a commentary regarding the Standards of Practice. This commentary was written by long-time TAREI member and prior TREIC Committee member Fred Willcox. Mr. Willcox’s comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion and/or position of the TAREI board of directors. "

inspection commentary.pdf (16.9 KB)

Thanks for the heads up on this. I think I will make the trek down for the meeting this month.

You made this statement “I will probably be disappointed in the coverage and info provided by our local DFW NACHI chapter. There have been organizational problems and no leadership.”

Kind of a harsh public flogging, don’t you think?

I just spent an half hour on this reply. To keep from hijacking this thread and to keep things civil, I took out most of what I was going to say. To sum it all up though, you are only going to get out of the chapter what you put into it. If you have an idea throw it on the wall and see if it sticks, I am sure the chapter leadership would welcome and appreciate any and all ideas.

I must say last nights DFW NACHI meeting reflects a change in my opinion and criticism of the chapter. It makes a huge difference to have Lionel back in the mix as chapter president. There was information provided by Mr Cahill regarding the SOP changes.

Can you share the information Mr. Cahill provided?

He provided the web site www.betterstandards.com as the reference to the proposed SOP draft. His emphasis was for the inspectors to compare the draft to current SOP. By doing so you will see for yourself the changes and not to rely on some of the email comments and commentary on this topic. He encouraged feedback, and there is a link to do so at the web site. Discussion at the meeting included support of the opportunity for public feedback, and the local chapter is attempting to get together a committee to review the revised changes and make a recommendation to local membership. Our local chapter president is back from New Orleans duty and I think that alone will make a big difference in the organization of our local chapters success. I have not attended a committee meeting in Austin, but he encouraged anyone who could to attend.

One criticism of the current SOP that a lot of people have is that the sequence of the SOP does not match the sequence of the TX inspection form.

I also understand that the form is being reviewed for change. Especially the “in need of repair” comment.

Yes a copy of the new form is available at the web site, the term deficiency replaces the in need of repair.

An additional resource on the http://betterstandards.com web site is an audio/visual presentation on some of the logic behind the changes. It’s well worth the 11 minutes it takes to watch it.

Everyone please support John Cahill, he is a standup guy and a fellow NACHI member.


I agree, he is a great asset to NACHI and to the TREC Inspector’s Committee. I plan to be at the Saturday committee meeting and would love to meet any fellow Texas inspectors that are able to come. If anyone needs directions give me a call (512-577-2579) or e-mail me. The committee usually breaks for lunch if the meeting is long enough. If so, there are several good, inexpensive restaurants nearby the meeting we can grab a bite at.

Here are my notes from the Saturday, Feb. 25th Texas Real Estate Commission Inspector’s Committee meeting in Austin. As usual, my notes are in blue. See: http://www.capcityinspections.com/022506%20TREC%20Inspector%20Committee.pdf

Thanks Mike.

John Cahill had mentioned in one of his emails that there was supposed to be a commentary that went along with the proposed new SOP, any mention about that?

I had to leave before the discussion regarding the commentary (Item 5.b) so I’m not sure what was discussed about that. I do know that the Commentary is integral to the viability of the revised SOP. Without it, there are some, possibly including TREC legal staff, that do not feel the revised SOP will be interpretable and enforceable. It’s a critical piece of the puzzle that will have to be developed soon. Jim Gibbs, from the Plano area, was present and maybe he can brief us on that part of the meeting.

What’s the latest?


James, nothing new at my end in Austin. I’m waiting for the next Inspector’s Committee meeting to be scheduled. I heard it was going to be 3/20 but that’s not posted on the TREC website yet and it doesn’t seem like the right timing for the next meeting anyway. I’ll check into this and will try to attend that next meeting and post my notes here. Also, keep checking the www.betterstandards.com website for updates.

I’ve confirmed that the next Inspectors Committee meeting is indeed scheduled for March 20th here in Austin and the agenda is now posted on the TREC website.