Type of Drain Pipe

I am not sure of the type of pipe the main drain is. is this cast iron steel? home is from 1955.



Cast iron.

Cast Iron is standard around here.
Normally left in place or cut short at the basement just before they cover the cleanout with drywall so the Plumber can practice with his sawsall every time a rod out is needed…

Do you find that tree roots wrap around this pipe and cause damage? This old home had some good size trees close to it.

Goes to clay tile often but tree roots are always an issue.
I trace from catch basin or main line to street/sewer and look for sidewalk upheaval if in line plus trees of course.

Not your fault if broken drain tile but you could always recommend a plumber video scan if jumpy about it.

Sometimes if there is an issue running the outlets will cause backup.

Those things last a long time though some guys do not like cast iron and PVC is common today.

Cast iron drain pipe can/does last for a looong time. The soil stack pipe and main drain that goes underground at my house is cast iron and well over 75 years old. I’ve had no recent drain problems.

The main issue they have with tree roots is that they grow into the fittings, couplings, elbows, etc and cause blockage.

The last problem I had was over 10 years go, Cleared the line, poured in some root-kill, I think twice, 6 months apart. No more problems. Oh ya, the only tree in the vicinity has been removed.

Why do all that when you can just spend $10,000 or so to dig up the line.

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