Ufer is good but this this exterior ground wire is cut?

2006 townhome. The ufer in the garage is intact. This ground below the meter can and main disconnect is cut. This exterior cut ground has a ground wire attached from a nearby TV cable box. Is the cut ground just an auxiliary ground for the purpose of the cable box? I feel the SEG is ok because of the ufer. I am right or wrong?

I think you are right.
Appears to be for the low voltage box.
I’d be okay with it especially if you got your eyes on the ufer.

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Thanks Patrick!

Is the garage attached or detached?

The grounding should be at the service. Is the service on the garage?

No, the ufer is in the garage (front), the SEC and meter rear of the home. This is not unusual for me to see here in GA for more modern service where the service and the ufer are not very close to one another.

If there is a concrete encased electrode (CEE) then no other grounding electrode is required. Hard to tell from the photo what the function of the cut conductor actually was.

@bcawhern1 Have you researched the origins of Concrete Encased Electrodes? You may find it interesting.

There is a CEE (same as ufer?). I’m feeling more confident this is a auxiliary electrode or ground for auxiliary equipment such as cable boxes. Hopefully, I have a little more time to do more research.

@afrydenlund honestly, I have never considered the history of this device. But now you have piqued my interest and I’ll be digging in. Thanks!

Yes CEE or concrete encased electrode is the proper term from the NEC. It is possible that the CATV system was connected to its own ground rod at one time. Those rods are no longer permitted for that purpose.

It is similar to this new construction. In this photo, the home also has a CEE or ufer connection in the garage on the other side of the home. But as you can see, in my original post, that ground electrode does not have that “connector box”. I am just trying to figure out what that is as well.

That box is the required intersystem bonding terminal strip. I5 allows all the utilities to connect to a common ground point.

Thank you :clap: :clap: