Saw this today at the meter. It appears that the ground is broken. It does not go into the ground or a grounding rod. Some of the houses in the neighborhood had a wire into the ground and others didn’t. It is only 2 years old. Could it be grounded another way?

owl overlook 004.jpg

The quick answer is yes, I’d bet the connection you are seeing is tied into an UFER ground in the slab.



??? Is that thing just hanging in the air, or is it attached to something within the brick?

The wire enters the home with the service cable. I am unable to see any ground at all. It is not a slab. Could it stil be tied into the foundation? Not sure what to write or if I should write anything.

Was there a ground elsewhere, such as the water main piping?

If this were my inspection, I’d simply recommend an Electrician to evaluate this particular ground connection.

This may have been an accessible tail to allow the grounding of the CATV and phone company lines.

What is the age of the house?

Looks like a split bolt connector; there are not supposed to be any breaks in the grounding conductor. I see these all the time for telephone and cable box grounds. Im like Jeff, looked like it is just hanging, you can see the cut ends of the wires. Both of these wires appear to be too small for a standard grounding conductor.

What wire are you talking about that enters the home with the service cable? Is it another bare copper one, other than the one shown in your pic?

If so, and the home being two years old as you said in your OP, the one entering with the service cables probably is a UFER, and the short one hanging out of the wall was stubbed out for the telco grounding like Jim said.

There does not need to be a slab for a UFER, the rebar in the stem wall can be used.