UFER tail

Does this look like a UFER tail? It is coming out of the slab. My concern is it appears it may be going to a UFER and is disconnected. Thank you.

vancouver 138 (Small).jpg

It’s very possible that you’re looking at the GEC, but it would be impossible to say for certain with just this picture.

I agree with Jeff,
Usually, around here at least, all signs of a UFER ground is hidden from view. Its usually attached to the foundation rebar prior to the pour.

In the Seattle are the ufer connections has to be assessible. I usually find it behind a blank cover plate under the electric panel.

That’s pretty typical for residential applications - an accessible clamp to rebar.

A cadweld is not required to be accessible.

Does this look like a copper conductor? Is it the size of #4 Copper?

If not it cannot be part of the ufer ground. If you could verify that this was rebars it might be part of the ufer.

***[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]Just some FYI as not always does the connection need to be accessible…

250.68 Grounding Electrode Conductor and Bonding
Jumper Connection to Grounding Electrodes.
(A) Accessibility. **All mechanical elements used to terminate
a grounding electrode conductor or bonding jumper to
a grounding electrode shall be accessible.
***Exception No. 1: An encased or buried connection to a
concrete-encased, driven, or buried grounding electrode
shall not be required to be accessible.