Is this paper between the ground wire and the ufer grounding rod something to call?

IMG_8546 (Small).JPG

The bolt, when cranked on, should have driven itself hard against the rebar and separated the paper enough to make a decent contact. As a backup, there should be the other GEC’s used.


I would call it out…my problem with is I dont know if they torqued it right. I see a GEC laying on paper and with it’s smooth surface I want as much contact as possible in the case of a lighting strike or surge onto the system from a high power line.

If it was me I would lighten it up, scrape off the paper and re-torque with full contact. To me this is jack leggish.

Now to address Jeff’s statement…their MIGHT not be other GEC’s used because if you use a UFER you dont need another electrode…so lets make the ONE they must use right and give it a chance to do it’s job properly.

Here is a case where if I have a wrench with me even as an HI I would lighten it up, drop it down if I can or remove the paper to have full contact and I would let the client see that I care about the connection…if that is the only problem but if their are other issues…just let the electrician correct it.

The set screw is to secure it, lets not lessen the need for the GEC’s contact to the rebar as well in the overall picture.

Thanks Paul W. Abernathy Paul W. Abernathy
You all told in detail! It was interesting to me)

The NEC allows the CEE to be to sole electrode. It does not require supplemental electrodes. If there are other electrodes they do all need to be bonded together.

I’m truly amazed at some of the bad installations that you guys find. :shock:

Looks like it might be an inspection sticker from the AHJ.

They didn’t want anyone to lose it…:wink:

Hey Robert what is the definition of Bad. I still get amazed at some of this stuff also:shock: