Uh oh. Something Trump just said makes me worried about the U.S. dollar.

Something Trump is talking about is making me worry that the dollar is about to go down.

I like Trump, but he often sets up a scapegoat ahead of problems. He’s all of a sudden talking about going back on the gold standard.

That makes me think he knows something we don’t. Is the dollar about to crash?

I concur about the US dollar devaluation. The sugar high from the taxation bill does not last forever. Treating allies like enemies will surely be consequential.
thinking is driven by expectations that U.S. economic growth momentum has peaked as well as the fact that many of the things underpinning the dollar - ranging from expected Federal Reserve interest rate hikes to the U.S.-China trade dispute - have now been priced in.

A good friend of mine is convinced that America’s fiat currency is due for a major collapse. Of course, he is also convinced that 9-11 occurred with the complicity of the US government.


Long time coming, the signs have been there for years. Trump has accelerated the process, though it would be beyond foolish to blame him for it.

Foreign countries have been expanding gold stockpiles. Our allies have been relocating 100’s of tons of gold back to their own countries. Russia set up their own financial SWIFT equivalent, and Europe has openly called for an alternative to SWIFT, which they are looking into. Oil is being traded in Yuan. A dozen or so countries are working out the system to bypass trade in dollars. There is much, much more…

Our countries continued hegemony will rely on control of space - SpaceX.