Hyperinflation is now inevitable. What inspectors should do to prepare...

Regardless of which way you lean politically… it can’t be denied that the bigger spender of the two big spenders won last night. The U.S. has no option but to continue to default on its massive debts by printing.

The question now is what to do to hedge against the collapse of the dollar.

The first thing we inspectors should do is adopt a system where we raise our inspection fee structures regularly to keep up with the oncoming reduction in purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.

Not going to happen unless a very important thing happens.

And that would be our debt denominated in some other countries currency.

That is what happened in Wiemar Germany.

As long as the rest of the world is will to buy our dollar denominated debt it can’t happen.

The US buck is still the least ugly sister of currencies.

Erosion of purchasing power yes, hyper inflation, not likely.

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Well you know what they say-“even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while”

Have not seen any Gold prices lately.
Are we rich yet ?

Bob, do yourself a favor and stop posting about things you have no knowledge of.

Go back to crowing about how wonderful things will be with another 4 years of your fearless leader.

The rest of the world isn’t any longer. Nearly all our debt is being purchased by our own Federal Reserve.

Yes they are buying assets but that alone cannot result in hyperinflation.

Deflation is a real possibility. Son’t forget the housing deflated massively and it may go down even more.

We are currently running at about 2% inflation which sounds OK but it isn’t when compounded or a few decades.

Fed policy is supposed to be about stable prices and they are failing.

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Raising inspections fees was a topic at a local ASHI meeting. Everyone agrees that our fees are to low, but it seems most inspectors won’t hold their ground and give up a inspection. If we all hold to what we believe we are truly worth then maybe the consumer will appreciate our value and pay up.

Please explain how it can be OK to to keep propping up a market that is in desperate need of correction?

The beauty of capitalism is that failure of the poorly managed companies clears the way for success of well managed companies and we all benefit.

By adopting to big to fail and allowing those who make bad decisions to be saved by taxpayers dollars only encourages more of the same and we all lose.

This is what the federal reserve has brought us.


They are a colossal failure at maintaining stable prices.

Seeing as how you have been predicting elections incorrectly the last 4 years you might do well to find a subject that does not make you foolish on a daily basis.
My predictions are far better than yours Nostradamus.

Predators prey on people like you who live in constant fear.

And politicians depend on the uninformed like you because they know they can tell you how to think.

The fact that you appear to be in the majority does not bode well for the Republic.

But then you can’t even understand that the state you live in is failing.

No doubt your state will come begging for a bailout from Obama.

The insane minority teabaggers such as yourself will always be in a fantasy world of living 30 years ago expecting things to go back.

You are a dreamer so come back to the real world.

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More like 6%.

Link please

Here is one


I don’t see 6%

This from the link you provided:

You know… the one the government uses to keep from raising Social Security payments.

If you think inflation is at 2%… you haven’t purchased gold or groceries in 5 years.

Just provide me something other than you unsupported claim.

You may be correct but please show something so we all can read it.

Gold is a very poor indicator of inflation due to the fact that it’s pricing is fear based.

Here ya go: http://www.kitco.com/charts/popup/au1825nyb.html