understanding code

2003 IRC E3903.10
Bathtub and shower areas.
cord connected luminaires, hanging luminaires,lighting track, pendants, and ceiling -suspended paddle fans shall not have any parts located within a zone measured 3 feet horizontally and 8 feet vertically from the top of the bath tub rim or shower stall threshold.This zone is all encompassing and includes the zone directly over the tub.

Found this today in a model home.
Would this be considered a Hanging Luminaire, or lighting track, or something else?

shower fixture.jpg

None of the above…well, it IS something else. It’s just a plain old lighting fixture. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if it were vapor-proof, being located driectly over a shower. All that means is that the innards are sealed by gaskets on all removable parts such as the lens, to help prevent corrosion inside the fixture, or worse.

A “hanging” luminaire would be suspended on chains or wires, and a lighting track would be like the track lighting you see everywhere, with movable fixtures mounted on a length of track.

Looks like a luminaire to me , and not rated for wet location.

I would call it out.

Yes. Also see NEC 410.4D. NEC says bathrooms are not “technically” considered a wet or damp location, but there is concern regarding people in water who are within reach of electrical parts. Call it out as a dangerous condition.

Yikes. Picture someone reaching up to wiggle a flickering fluorescent while standing in a tubful of water. :mad:

that’s what I was thinking, but this inspection was for a home warranty company and I just want make them feel comfortable warranting this new town home.
In my time as a residential electrician and as a HI I’ve only seen recessed lights rated for wet locations in tub and showers.
I will call it out!

That light is as wrong as Janet Reno posing for Playboy! (ok who got the visual?)

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