Ungrounded electrical outlets

When a missing ground outlet has a GFCI outlet installed on the first outlet on the circuit, does that protect all the outlets downstream or does every outlet have the have its own GFCI outlet installed(house built in 1962) ??

Most likely no further protection.
Is this a 2 wire system? A GFCI can be installed to accommodate a 3 prong plug & afford protection, although not an equipt ground.

That would depend on whether the downstream receptacles were wired using the load terminals. You would need to trip the gfi and see if they go dead.

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Depends on how it is wired. If you put the GFCI in the first outlet on the circuit you can protect the other outlets if you connect them to the load terminals of the GFCI. This is the way multiple bathrooms are wired in town houses. (GFCI must be the first outlet in the circuit)

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Only if wired that way, you could trip it and see if other receptacles are dead as well.

Also, I call GFCI ungrounded receptacles out as open ground unless they have the appropriate placard attached to them.

This is a great graphic, think I’m going to steal it! Haha

Not if wired properly but they should have a sticker that says “No Equipment Ground”.

Ethics, Daniel, ethics! No one ever steals things from this forum…honest. :sunglasses:

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Steal is a bad word, use as a tool to better educate new home buyers :wink:

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Call it what you will but use it! And, sometimes we even ask our donor, Daniel. :grin:

@jmilby has the best answer to find out if it is protected without taking the receptacle out. Or get a tester

Yes I manual tripped the GFCI outlet and it did kill all the outlets downline

Are you sure?

What he said.
By the way don’t put the outlet in a stream

I don’t know what GFI means :wink:

It’s a 1962 2 wire system.Geez!
Nothing is up or downstream.

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I guess someone extended the circuit. :laughing:

Wouldn’t the outlets on the same circuit after the GFCI outlet be considered upstream? I see how my wording on my reply was written incorrectly so I withdrew my reply, good catch thank you.

Sorry GFCI :grin:

Receptacles protected by a gfi would be downstream. Upstream would be towards the power source.

GFI ground fault interrupted, also known as gfci. The c would be for circuit.

Hopefully, all the CPI’s and CMI’s posting here know this by now.

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