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**Finally, an infrared inspection software package with advanced features that simplify analysis and report generation that supports virtually all makes and models of infrared cameras available today. **

IRT Cronista® is a powerful yet easy to use software package that lets you easily analyze and document your infrared inspections. With its intuitive user interface, Cronista reduces training costs, and will quickly become the cornerstone of your infrared inspection program. Whether your program employs one or many different infrared cameras, IRT Cronista® provides the means to organize, analyze and communicate the results of your inspections.

IRT Cronista® offers a wide range of powerful analysis tools including multiple measurement points, multiple profile lines, area analysis, automatic HotSpot detection and many more. With IRT Cronista® you canperform comparative evaluations and trend analysis ofmultiple images simultaneously.

**IRT Cronista® is Windows®-based, and interfaces directly to Microsoft Word, allowing you to create detailed multi-page reports with the push of a button, and your reports can easily be shared with co-workers and customers. Report templates are easily customized, allowing you to configure your reports with your own company information, and for specific applications. **

**IRT Cronista® supports a large number of infrared camera image formats, and is independent of camera manufacturers. It is compatible with most modern infrared cameras available today, as well as with many older models. Contact us for details. **

IRT Cronista® is a unique and highly sophisticated tool for organizing and evaluating yourinfrared images and forproducing detailed inspection reports. Contact us today for a free demonstration copy to see how IRT Cronista can simplify your infrared inspections.

** Main Features:
** · Quick and easy one-step report generation in standard Microsoft Word® format
· Easily share reports with co-workers and customers
· Detailed analysis with powerful temperature measurement tools: multi points, multi profile lines, area analysis, hot spot detection, isotherms and more
· Analyzemultiple infrared images simultaneously with adjustable zoom in analysis mode
· Easily link infrared images, visual images, voice and text notes - automatic or manually
· Easily organize your infrared images: quick overview of infrared image, corresponding visual image and text notes
· Compatible with a wide variety of infrared camera image formats
· Customized report layout templates
· Multiple languages supported

**Management of infrared image, visual image and corresponding image annotations ** - easy organize and manage your files in folder structure similar to Microsoft Explorer®

Easily linkvisual and infrared images- automatic or manually, simply by drag and drop

Preview of infrared and visual image and corresponding image annotation****s- preview images and annotations and add or change the annotations

Easy image analysis with multiple points**,**** profile****,****& areas**- preview infrared and corresponding visual image, define temperature range settings and analyze infrared images

**User-defined digital zoom **** **- zoom-in to see the smallest details in the image

**Simultaneous analysis on several images **- adjust zoom and work on several infrared images at the same time

Analyze while viewing the IR image, visual image and annotatons - analyze the infrared image, change the corresponding annotations, and link/change the corresponding visual image

Analyzing in Fusion view - blend IR image and corresponding visual image together using Image Fusion technology, making interpretation of your work even easier

**Create fast and comprehensive high quality multi page reports **with just one mouse click! Customized your templates to match your specific needs

Supported cameras:
This list is not full. Contact us to check support of your camera if you do not find it in this list.

  • Ti10, Ti20, Ti25, TiR, TiR1;
  • Ti40, Ti45, Ti50, Ti55, TiR2/3/4.


  • P-Series: P20, P25, P45, P50, P60, P65,P620, P640;
  • R&D: SC640, S60, S65, S45;
  • A-Series: A20, A40;
  • B-Series: B2, B20, BCAM, B360, B400, BX320;
  • E-Series: EX320, EX300, E45;
  • T-Series: T360, T400;
  • InfraCAM, InfraCAM SD;
  • PM545, PM695, THV550, THV570;
  • Prism DS


  • TVS-500, TVS-200, TVS-700, TVS-8500, TVS-600, TVS-100, TVS-2000;
  • TH-7716, TH-7700, TH-7800, TH-9100, TH-9260, TS-9100.

Infrared Solutions

  • IR-FlexCam, IR-FlexCam 320;
  • InSight.


  • S160, S180;
  • S280, G90, HY-6000, HY-6800, HY-6900.


  • VarioCam 320, VarioCam 384, VarioCam 640.


  • MP50, MP150

Other Makers

  • Mikron, DIAS, Testo, AGEMA.

Download a Fully Functional Trial Version


Distributed by: The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers

**Visit ****http://www.nacbi.com/software_and_documents to purchase a licensed version.

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Awesome program.It works well in the demo version - but where is the pricing information? Now that I decided that I like it those clever folks don’t seem to want to sell it.

Any idea?


Contact the manufacturer, we don’t sell the software any longer, it turned into a fiasco because the company owner is in Germany.