Unknown in a vent pipe

Anybody have any idea what this is in the sewer vent pipe? This house is 80 years old. The vent is obviously rusted at the top and rotting away but this didn’t seem like rust to me. This is for the bathroom by the way.

That may be pitch fiber definitely looks like fibrous.
Don’t eat it.

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Iron turning back to its natural state?

That looks nothing like cast iron breaking down. More like some sort of transite or orangeburg pipe.


Interesting. Looks like a lining staring at it.

If it is Orangeburg and fibrous it may contain asbestos, most likely decaying fibrous Orangeburg pipe?


I agree, I didn’t want to be the one to sound the asbestos alarm.

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But I really wanted to see what 80 yr old bath sewer vent pipe tastes like. Now what will I have for dinner?

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Okay, but just lick it a little… :crazy_face:


Thank you to all the guys that have helped me with this question. I don’t recall ever hearing of pitch fiber or orangeburg.

I greatly appreciate your shared knowledge.

Orangeburg is a type of Bitimous Pitch Fibre all Pitch Fibre does not have asbestos but I believe all Orangeburg does.

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orangeburg pipe:

Bituminous Pitch Fibre pipe:

Hope that helps.


Imagine what the rest off the drains looks like.


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Nice posts.
Thanks, Scot!

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