Is this an asbestos pipe?


Hi I was hoping you can help me?

Do you think this picture is an asbestos pipe?

Many thanks

Did you tap on it, is it metal? If so: painted cast iron.


I’ve not tapped on it.

Reason I’m terrified is because builders have removed it thinking it was asbestos but didn’t do it safely. And we have been living there so I am terrified that we have been exposed to brown asbestos . I can’t sleep or eat as my stomach and insides are churning

Stress will kill you before asbestos. God bless you.

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If you’re builder thought that was asbestos, I’d get rid of him ASAP.

You have to try really hard to die from asbestos, so don’t worry.

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The best thing to do is get educated on asbestos. You would need to inhale asbestos fibers that have become airborne to become sick. Unless somebody is grinding away at those fittings daily for weeks or years I don’t understand what the problem is. Even still you need to be exposed constantly and symptoms would not appear for years. Simply removing asbestos material from a home and assuming it was done incorrectly will not make you sick.

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Thanks for your replies, and more are welcome please.
I’m reading a lot of reputable sites which are all saying very dangerous and extremely hazardous and so I’m absolutely terrified

It takes many years of exposure to asbestos fibers to cause health issues. What you show could be cast iron pipe or cement asbestos pipe. As Mr. Willes replied: “Simply removing asbestos material from a home and assuming it was done incorrectly will not make you sick.”

Please do not be concerned. You and your family will be fine.

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Thank you for your reply.

They also dumped all the flue and pipework related to it in our loft and my other half and I moved it out of the house unknowingly.

We had no boiler so didn’t shower and literally slept in those clothes overnight and continued clearing up the next day.

Hence I am so so scared.

Especially if it was the brown and blue asbestos.

Yes, I think that is a picture of asbestos pipe.

You trying to scare her even more? It needs testing to verify.


Unfortunately it has already gone :frowning:. So cannot test. Wish I could have

You might want to get some air quality and swab testing done, to give you some peace of mind.

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What is the age of the house?

1956 bungalow

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Asbestos is largely viewed as a concern when airborne fibers are inhaled. If that pipe in the picture was transite pipe or commonly known as Asbestos Cement (AC) pipe, it is known as a non-friable material and as long as you are not exposed to breaking or sawing that would create air borne fibers you should not have to worry. Most A-C pipes were installed in underground passive applications for storm and sewer drains, but this one could have been a vent or part of the interior sewer line.
Hard to tell from the picture what the usage was or if it is in fact Transite. Transite pipe usually had a texture to it, but this one looks like it is painted.
What none of us here no is how it was demolished, handled and disposed that would have created contamination of the interior with air borne fibers.
Transite pipe contained around 10-25% asbestos content.
To relieve your anxiety I can tell you that in the years 1965-1978, I worked with installing vinyl asbestos tiles, asbestos ceiling tiles, installed transite pipe and cut with abrasive blades, worked with asbestos joint compounds, transite boards, and most all other ACM material you can think of and PPE was mostly unknown at the time.
I am still here. I did get checked for any Lung disorder for asbestos, and nothing was fine.
So like the guys said above, to be dangerous to your health, you would need years of constant exposure.
Hope this helps in relieving your stress on concern over a few pieces of pipe.
I would recommend that your contractor be more careful in demolition in materials in a 50’s build.

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Hi thank you for the reply. It was part of the boiler, and they must have had to saw it and cut it up and when we came back few hours later we were living in the property whilst work was being carried out. And then they left the flue, all the cut asbestos in the loft and we had to clear it all out, unprotected as we didn’t know. Furthermore, as part of the renovation, they cut some internal walls to make an open plan space and I have also read that the brickwork and mortar is more than likely to be asbestos too and we were literally sleeping next to this demolished internal walls everynight. And to add they drilled into other parts of the brickwork to fit piping in etc and I am having visions that my and my husband’s lifespan has been shortened and we are going to end up leaving our baby boy which is killing me. :sob:

This is your first mention of a boiler. Do you have a bigger picture and what year was the boiler?
Better pictures and explanation would help other help too.

Sorry my mind is just everywhere. Not got a picture of old boiler as they got rid. Nor the other pipes as we didn’t expect we needed to take photos at the time. It was basically the whole water and heating system they pulled out.

And only could upload the initial picture I had.

The boiler looked a bit like this but was more brown and definitely not this brand attached. Just the look was similar.

Uploading some more pictures of some of the ceiling board, plaster and loft insulation worries. Any thoughts?
Thanking you all in advance