Unknown or Unidentified

This 2006 roof is in the HVHZ.
The buyer says: whadda ya mean you can’t see any straps?
I’m gonna get killed with a rate. Just fill out your report, don’t worry about no pics. How silly!

I can’t view the spacing or shiners either.
Even if I removed & damaged the foam (seller won’t let me touch it) in selected areas,
the chances are still no shiners to measure. :frowning:



Are blueprints available to review?

If Q1 is selected as FBC, then the attic portion is built in to the credit…no need for RTW and RDA photos. Just select “unknown”.

No docs of any kind available. Just the permit that doesn’t address it.
House was built in 1974.
The foam is everywhere! They went nuts.

The only option I can figure is after closing, the buyer can then have me come back to tear up the foam (with a signed release).
Even then, something could come back at me.

Report what you see, the credits are the underwriter’s problem.

1974, ok, no FBC there. If they did not take photos before the insulation went in, then they are out of luck on the attic portion. With a 2006 re-roof, the decking is most likely not renailed either.

Marc - Do not sweat it. It is what it is. Let them hire somebody else to falsify the report.

We have a lot of house built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that we inspect and see all kinds of damage in the crawl space then come back to the same house 6 months later with different parties involved and the crawl has been sprayed foamed. Go figure. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I just did one where the issue date for the building permit was November 2001 and the CO was issued August 2002 making them miss the March 2002 cutoff.

Greg, they go by the issue date of the permit. Yes it is true many will apply before the code changes, sometimes it is just so everyone else can make sense of it before they have to deal with it. Other times it is money. The permit application date and CO can be years apart.

I agree with Brad, Most wind mitigation I do on 2002 and newer are opening protection. Agents told me the same thing, that it is built into the credit.

Do you mean is most likely renailed? Why would the decking not be renailed?

Don’t forget about roof geometry.

That’s jurisdiction specific, re-nailing of decks goes as far back as 1990 in some areas.

No, renailing wasn’t required in 2006 in my area…only after 10/01/2007. But I must admit that I don’t know what the renailing requirements are inside the HVHZ. 1974 roof decking usually means 6d or staples to me.


yes. good call

Just because it may have a new roof in 2015 does not mean it was re nailed. People put on their own shingles all the time and do not know the current code. They really screw their own policy. Had a roofer the other day that came from Tennessee to help his brother do an install. I saw only staples so when I questioned him the truth was revealed.

I had this same thing happen to me recently on a 2010 re-roof Wayne. Out of town roofer and no permits were pulled.


I had the same thing just a few days ago on a general contractor’s home. Re-roofed 2 years ago and he told me that it was renailed before I went into the attic. No evidence of a renail at all…I looked all over and only found staples. I have never had a renail job that didn’t show at least one shiner. He can present his case to the underwriter directly.:cool:

I had one a while back for a condo in a very large community - The roofer insisted that they re-nailed the roof deck and the only shiners visible were at new OSB… The roofer came out and had is guys pull off some shingles to prove it was done…Ooops! Not done.

The homeowner was the treasurer of the condo association. I wonder if that guy lost the contract on the other 125 units in the association?

It’s just one of those things. Shortcuts may end up costing somebody.