Unknown thingy on water heater

I have not come across this doodad before but I’m sure there are more experienced inspectors then I who have. It was attached to the line coming off the drainage bib on the bottom of the water heater. Input regarding identification and function will be appreciated.
mike in MN

Timer controlled circulation pump.

Did you look at the piping to see if it had a return pipe or if it uses a crossover valve under a remote sink?


This gives a good explanation


This gives a good explanation . Pictures of mine

thanks for the enlightenment. following the link from roy it appears this is a device simply to cirulate hot water enough so there is no wait period for same. so there must be some kind of loop. the site didnt really explain much of how it worked. of interest i note that it was said that this device hooks to the hot water line from the heater. apparently (or so this plumber thought) hooking to the drainage faucet was also a working deal. so i kind of have a little understanding of this unit…thanks! i will certainly read any further explanation
MN mike

If you look at the Picture of the watts there is a Connector to the cold water line That is used as the return so you have hot water instantly at the tap . If you look at my first picture you see mine is silver . There is a thermostat in the line so when How water arrives it shuts the valve when it cools the valve opens again . Come on Up to Canada and see how well mine works . All the best Roy

thanks…this MN inspector is now armed with newly acquired wisdom

mike in MN

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