Unlicensed Smoke Alarms

The attached item may be helpful to those of you that need to certify proper installation and operation of smoke and CO alarms. Most, if not all, of these alarms are sold on Amazon to a public un-aware of any testing certifications. In Maryland if you inspect rental properties in either Baltimore City, or county you are responsible for making sure those properties have the proper smoke and CO alarms.


Interesting, but not surprising. I have, in the past, and still do find “fakes” on amazon. When reported to amazon in the past, they refused to take any action. Profits over safety is how they roll :expressionless: This is on top of all the fake/paid-for reviews. I even saw advertisements for fake reviews right in the review comments :joy:

Thank you for sharing, Bob! The Inspector community is a valuable asset when helpful colleagues such as yourself unselfishly share important information. :slight_smile:

It looks like several of those detectors may have been pulled from Amazon already as the links go to “Page Not Found” errors. Hopefully all of them get pulled soon to keep unsuspecting consumers from thinking they are protected when they may well indeed be not.

Personally, I have not come across any of the brands on the sheet yet, but I will certainly keep my eyes open for Alert Pro, Alert Plus, BQQZHZ, Elvicto, vitowell, Sunnec, Lecoolife, and modoao.