Unsigned Inspection Contract

I actually canceled an inspection a couple of weeks ago. The client did not sign the inspection and I even attempted to have her sign 2 hours before the inspection. I cancelled and when asked why I cancelled I stated that not only did reminders go out through ISN I personally sent her text and emails. In my messages I made it clear that with ought a signature there is no contract for services. To beat all, it turned out she was a real-estate agent and personally buying the home. Given the sale was a private sale, the client and vendor extended the condition 48 hours. I ended up doing the inspection the next day. Never do an inspection without a signed contract!

Typo’s in my post, sorry all. Been a long day.

They sell OCR paper (2part). Print out a contract and take it with you to the inspection. Have them physically sign it before you start and give them a signed copy. I always email the contract before the inspection (those that can read, read it) and get them to sign a hard copy at the inspection.