Pre inspection agreement signing

what if the buyer does not attend the inspection? What happens in that case with getting the pre inspection agreement signed? Is there a digital agreement that they can sign off on?

I don’t know which agreement you’re using, but you can edit, upload, etc and have them sign. We haven’t used the Nachi setup as of yet. We just email our agreement, client docusigns and returns it.

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It’s always best to have your agreement viewed and signed well ahead of an inspection and not at it. Try this:

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yes inspector toolbelt is what I use. client schedules online through my website, the system sends them the agreements needed, home inspection, radon, termite, sewer scope. once they sign it, they can pay for the inspection. or have the option to pay via check at the inspection.

Why would a client not be at the inspection. I guess they just don’t care what you find.
it does make the inspection go much faster without having to explain everything you find to them on the spot.

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95% of my clients are not at the inspection. My areas are a strong 2nd home resort/lake communities and the vast majority of my clients are from out state and buying there vacation or retirement homes. These clients usually come into town for a few days to a week looking at properties. They make offers, but a lot of the contract negotiations aren’t finalized until there back “home” 600 miles away. Only had a hand full want to travel that far for the inspection.

I use the InterNACHI agreement that can be signed online. Never had an issue with it.

Yes… Absolutely nothing compares, it is free with your membership and never goes down it is completely simple for you and your customer, just something which can’t be improved upon take full advantage of this service.


The above way makes sure they have time to look it over, or have their attorney look it over, and cannot complain that they were pressured into signing it.


Welcome to the 21st century. In many states a signed agreement PRIOR to performing an inspection is mandatory. Check your states statutes. We use DocuSign for everything which is a legally recognized eSign system in almost every state. There is a good lower cost version called HelloSign works as well if you are doing more than 100 contracts a year. The nice thing about these systems is you can automate them to put a copy into you cloud storage system like DropBox or Box and in some cases iCloud so you have a permanent record that you cant lose in the case of a hard drive crash or loss from fire, theft or water damage. I would also recommend having your attorney review your contract as the NACHI standard contract is not legally enforceable because it is too one sided and does not allow the customer to receive compensation beyond the inspection fee. Any decent attorney will break that contract based solely on that contractual bias in litigation.

Beware of advice given by Non-Member Guests, especially when their selling stuff which NACHI provides as part of the membership package. The NACHI online PIA is completely customizable right down to adding your logo to the document you can edit it all. Don’t get fooled again.

Besides… who sues home inspectors anyway? :partying_face: :biking_man: :partying_face:

What the hell is your problem… … … today!
Sober up welsher.
I have worked with Darius & can say he is a man, unlike your self,
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Most E&O insurers disagree.

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I’m amazed of those here that want to talk about “legalities” of contracts and other issues, and then point to lawyers.

Thankfully, I get it up front and don’t have to. And I beg for him to explain how NACHI’s contract is not legally “enforceable”…

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You and I both know it is his “opinion”. Nachi contract is written by E&O lawyers who fight back using this contract everyday. They even customize it for different states depending on case law etc. His statement lacked support.

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It’s getting to the point that “opinions” are getting to be so misleading and false, folks will get burned if they buy into them…JSaying :wink:

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Yep figured that’s about the best you can muster

Believe me I wasn’t the only one laughing… :partying_face:

No one believes you.
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Maybe, but a lot of inexpensive E&O coverage is so limited they may not care. Thus, the need to check with an attorney that has contract experience. I did and also found out our old E&O insurance did not cover us for anything outside home inspection E.g. insurance inspections and our new E&O which does cover those types forbids us from performing Home Inspections for buyers or sellers. Eye opening.

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