Unusual Gable Framing

I’m not sure that there is anything wrong with this. I’ve just never seen the Gable being separated from the top plate by the ceiling joists. Is this acceptable?

Typically, there is a rim joist at the butt end of the ceiling/floor joists. The sheathing appears to be used as that connection here. And, unless I saw evidence of failure, I wouldn’t create an issue.


That’s what I figured. Just wanted to be certain. Thank you

Is there a OSB 1 1/4 rim joist?


Good point. There may be.

@sbridges2 Don’t the strands typically run with the length?


What style home is this?
Got an exterior pic?
Load bearing Gable end walls are not common, except on Hip framed roofing systems.

Fyi… If those joists had plywood on it, it would just be another platform floor system.

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This is the only exterior shot that I have. No separate rim joist that I saw. Just OSB sheathing. The gable ends that are framed like this are on the left and right as you are facing the front of the house.

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Yup, basically a “Cross-Gable” style roofing system on the home…

Different Types of Gable Roof Designs (With Drawings) | JTC Roofing.

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Agree it’s strange and seems like a really difficult way of doing something that is usually easy. I’d let the AHJ and builder do their things as long as there’s no sign of a performance problem.