Update on Nominations for Awards

Here is the latest update:

Below are current nominations and/or winners in each category:

**Web site of the Month:

**January: www.richnspect.com](http://www.richnspect.com/)

February: http://www.presidentialinspection.com

March: www.sherlockhomes-web.com](http://www.sherlockhomes-web.com/)

**April: **http://www.massinfrared.com/](http://www.massinfrared.com/)

**May: **http://www.owlhomeinspections.com

June: www.RealtyCheck1.com

July: www.homeinspectoratlanta.com

**August: **www.safehaveninspections.com

**September: **http://www.adairinspection.com/


**October: **www.midtninspections.com

Chapter Recognition Program

Nominee: The Greater Philadelphia Chapter of InterNACHI

Nominee Contact: Scott Gilligan

Email: greaterphiladelphianachi@comcast.net

Telephone: 215-888-4943


Nominee: InterNachiOhio Chapter

Nominee Contact Information: Mark H Roe

Email besurehomeinspectionservice@gmail.com

Telephone: 614-559-4655

Other: Cell: 740-503-8819


Nominee: The Illinois State Chapter

Nominee Contact Information: Ken Sitzes

Email _ghinspector@yahoo.com

Telephone: __618-830-8283


**Nominee: South Carolina Upstate Chapter **
*Advantage Inspection Greenville
*Greenville, SC
Greg Cooley

Member of the Year Nominations:_______

Canadian Member of the Year

William R. DeVries

NACHI 07040201

Vernon Mitchinson CET CMI
iNACHI member ID: NACHI04111681

U.S. Member of the Year Award

Kenneth Sitzes
____ghinspector@yahoo.com <____ghinspector@yahoo.com>

Telephone: __618-830-8283

Date of Submission: 05/07/2008 / May 7th, 2008

Nominee: Kenton Shepard

Nominee Contact Information:

Email peaktoprairie@msn.com
Telephone: (303) 258-8289
Other: (303) 588-5179

**Nominee: **

Mr. Jeffrey R. Pope

Submission date: **Monday, August 11, 2008 3:17 PM

Nominee Contact Information: **NACHI03072808
**JPI Home Inspection Service
Santa Clarita, CA
(661) 212-0738
email InspectorJeff@sbcglobal.net

**Words from the Nominator;

**Jeff has continually helped both new and experienced members for as long as I have known him, he is very helpful too anyone looking for the right answers.

InterNACHI Member of the YEAR/Gromicko Award

Steve Ramos**

Envirovue, Inc.

Dominic Maricic
**Results for NACHI07092004 Name: Dominic J. Maricic
Contact: E-Mail Dominic J. Maricic **
**InterNACHI ID: NACHI07092004 **
**City: Rancho Cucamonga **
**State/Province: CA **
**Country USA **
**Certification Status: Valid through September 19th, 2008 **
Home Inspector Pro Inspection Software

Inventions and Innovations:

Dominic Maricic

Date of Submission: April 23, 2008

Phone: 1-888-750-4777

Nominee Contact Information:

Email: dominic@homeinspectorpro.com <mailto:mike@inspectrpro.com>
Telephone: 715-441-2386 (Include Area Code)

Summary and documentation: Dominic Maricic has produced a multi platform
home inspection software program that is very user friendly and easy to
It runs on PC, Mac, and any system that can run JAVA giving Home Inspectors
extreme flexibility to produce reports as he wants them.

And this is the way it is on November 1st, 2008.

Do we get any more submissions?

December 10th is just around the corner.

Marcel :smile: :grin: