Updated Instruction Video for the Owens Corning Roof Program (as of April 29 2015)

Watch this short video with updated instructions for participating in the Owens Corning Roof national program (as of April 29 2015) for U.S. members only.


So now members get reimbursement for supplies.

You can obtain a supply of roofing materials from Lowe’s or a local supplier of Owens Corning materials. Either way, be sure to call the store first to confirm that they have the materials you need for the job.

If you have problems with Lowe’s (which supplies Technicians with free material):

  • use our search engine to find a local supplier;
  • purchase the materials from the local supply store; then
  • send InterNACHI via email the receipt for materials, and InterNACHI will reimburse you.

In any communications with InterNACHI related to this program, be sure to include the claim number.

Please watch the short video and read the updated step-by-step instructions on http://www.nachi.org/roof-data-technician-instructions.htm