Free Webinar Tonight, Aug 29, 9PM EDT, "Roof Inspection Program" with Owens Corning

Here are the details of the Roof Inspection Program:

Register for tonight’s webinar:

We’ve got 962 registered to attend so far.
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Should be fun.

Note : It is only for certain states…the unlicensed ones ?

CA, CO, FL, IN, KS, KY, MN, MO, NC, NY, OH, OR, PA, and TN.

Owens Corning wants InterNACHI members (regardless of state licensing).

1016 registered so far.
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The Owens-Corning Agreement PDF form printed at 50% which is too small for my old eyes. Is there a full size Updated PDF Copy available yet?

re-downloaded from the original page & all OK, sorry to worry anyone.

We had 1,174 inspectors for last night’s webinar.
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It was all about the Roof Inspection Program.

Hi Ben. Can you show the link with where we go to download the roof technician agreement
and choose our zip codes, etc.?

Visit and click the blue “Log In” button.

We have a new “UPLOAD” feature.

Upload your signed and scanned doc from your Roof Data Technician account.

Visit and click the “Log In” button.

ben is there a checklist to use while performing the roof data collection process

We’ll be sending out a roof inspection software - a simple web-based checklist to collect data and upload pictures. Free to Roof Data Technicians. In a few days. We’ll notify you.

Ben, What defects does the OC warranty cover? Cracking, Sealing, Blistering?

They have a ton of different ones
But on a regular basis, they get a lot of calls from homeowners about everything at 1-800-ROOFING. This pilot program will focus on homeowner complaints about cracking, blistering, granule erosion, and blown-off shingles.

Has it been created as of yet ?

Not yet. This week or so.
As for now, inspectors are simply emailing us photos and observations.